One of the most comfortable, private, and aesthetically pleasing control rooms in the world. If we added any more vibe, you wouldn’t get any music recorded, you’d just stare at the pretty lights, watch the disco ball, and chill out.

Iguana features the world-renowned SSL 4082 E/G console. Over hundreds of millions of records sold have been recorded or mixed on this industry-leading SSL console! Quite simply, there is no substitute! We also feature Pro Tools HD4, a wide assortment of vintage analog outboard gear and microphones! Iguana’s studio layout was architecturally designed to deliver a relaxing environment that allows you to be creative and focused. Our goal is to ensure you achieve effective results by making you feel like it’s your own private studio. The outcomes will speak for themselves!ig_slidefour_500

  • features the largest SSL in Canada
  • fully floating floor
  • acoustically tuned control room and live room
  • all Mogami cabling
  • mic pres amps / Eqs from Millennia, Chandler TG2, BAE-DMP, Chandler Curve Bender, UBK Fatso, UBK P-Eq
  • full back-line available the features! Pearl Masters drum kit, Sabian, Marshall, Ampeg, Matchless, Gibson, Fender, Music Man and more!
  • Yorkville’s  paraline PSA1 & PSA1S (Sub woofer) along with a PreSonus 8 channel  mixer

Iguana is located in Toronto, Ontario: one of Canada’s most exciting, dynamic and creative cities. We are located minutes from the downtown core, fully accessible by public transit and major highways, and surrounded by all the amenities that a big city has to offer including shopping, restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels.